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I am volunteering to help support a WordPress site for a local club. While I work in an advanced area of IT professionally, websites/WordPress is out of my wheelhouse, so I’m not very familiar with what’s out there.

I’m looking for recommendations for a plugin to accomplish a core task, as well as a wishful secondary task (which could be a separate plugin, if needed).

**Core task**: I need a db to keep track of members, along with basic information such as address, phone number, etc. More importantly, I also need to keep track of if they paid their annual club dues. Since this is a yearly due, I’m not sure of the best approach to this, ie adding yearly columns to a table vs creating a new table each year. The DB would be only accessible to admins for record keeping and could be easily updated.

**Secondary Task**: The ability for users on the front-end to query their own record to see if they have paid their dues or not for that year. Ideally, there wouldn’t be much complexity on the user end with needing to fully sign in (maybe entering street address or something).

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Look into ACF and WSform. Between those two plugins and maybe some custom code to send email notifications when a subscription is about to expire, that’s all of what I would use to build this.

    Are you looking to have users pay their dues on the platform?

    Add woocommerce and woocommerce subscriptions to the list.

    Happy learning.


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