Fix for custom post types and slider content?

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custom post types are just normal posts, so it works there, so I’m not sure what you mean.

Ofc, plugins that create custom database tables, like most slider plugins do for some weird reason, there I need to identify where and how it store images and then I need to add this logic to my plugin to make it compatible with these extra database tables.

Images in database can be stored in many different ways, eg. as ID or link or path or just image name… it can be part of serialized data, jsons, etc…

Sometimes you even upload image with the same name and as they are stored in folders named by years and months then you need to replace their names very carefully in database, so it’s pretty complicated.

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Please post plugins links in here that you want me to check and I’ll take a look on it soon.

If these are some premium version, then I’m afraid I can not do that if I don’t have needed licenses.

They also should have at least 10K+ downloads, as there are millions of plugins and I can not support every small one.

In meantime you can fix your sliders by reselecting images from media library as there you will have JPG now.

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Thanks for the quick response. You’re totally right, apologies! It’s all working fine. It was a testing error on my part (using the wrong PNG file for testing: no savings, so no compression).

I was trying to debug why a PNG was uploaded without being converted, but this wasn’t the issue. I haven’t been able to recreate the non-conversion, so I’ll just put that down to a random glitch.

I’ve retested the CPTs and both the slideshow plugins I mentioned (Slide Anything and Metaslider) and it’s working and converting fine.

So no issues. Delete this thread if you want, as probably not helpful for anyone else!


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