Menus and submenus don’t look right in mobile view

Hi WordPress gang! ๐Ÿ˜Š

For my wordpress website, in desktop view, the menu and submenus look fine and work fine – submenu items appear when the mouse hovers over the main menu items. But in mobile view, the menu items and submenu items all appear in a vertical column above the page content (and out of order to how the menu looks in desktop view). This is not really responsive design. I created the website from scratch using Elementor.

How can I keep the submenu items hidden and only displayed when the main menu items are clicked. in mobile view? Does WordPress / Elementor have a setting to make menus look and work normal in mobile view? Or do I need to write my own customer CSS and JS?

EDIT: Yes, I know there are responsive menu plugins, but I am trying to keep my plugins to a minimum. So if there is a WordPress / Elementor setting to achieve a responsive menu, I’d like to use them. But I will have to use a plugin if all else fails.

Thanks in advance.

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