Mobile issues

I’m having some issues with responsiveness for the mobile version of my website. I’m using an astra theme (not upgraded). For some reason when I swipe to the left I am able to see white space like the content is not fitting the width of my phone. This also happens on both the left and right side when I turn my device to the side in landscape mode. Does anyone know a solution to this? It would be super appreciated!

  1. Share you URL. Something is pushing the page content outside the viewport. Typically this is related to a margin or padding value that is too large for mobile.

  2. Something on that template is overflowing the container – possibly an image that’s not set to max-width: 100% or text that is too big/a word that is too long. Keep scrolling down, you’ll see what is in that gray area

  3. Thank you all for your super quick responses and assistance! It was an issue within my footer having some margin within one of the elements. I was able to fix it by removing the margin. Such a huge help, thank you again!!!


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