Moving Wix to WordPress issues

I’m finding that WordPress is much more hand-holdy and less customizable than Wix (contrary to reports).

I’m trying to recreate the home page and I’ve already hit into a wall.

With Wix you can just add a section and then add text or images to it. However with WordPress there is no such thing as a blank section you can add. There’s only templates. And if you just add an image directly you can’t move its position around.

So below the header (what would be the menu and the header separately in Wix), I’m trying to create a section with the title of the website, i.e. the logo image. In Wix I just added a section and then added an image to it, but I can’t figure out how to add a blank section in WordPress.

Also in Wix when you right click on any element you get all sorts of options specific to the type of element but I’m just getting the standard Microsoft Edge menu in WordPress



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