Multicountry Issue – Same Languages in differnt countries


We have a website, including a WooCommerce store, based in Switzerland. In Switzerland, people speak multiple languages. The main language is German, but many also speak English and French. Therefore, we have multiple language versions of our site: .ch for German, .ch/en for English, and .ch/fr for French. We did this with the WPML Plugin. We are now expanding to Germany. Since Germany also uses the German language, the content of the site remains the same as our .ch version, with the only differences being the shop prices and tax rates. And some differnt pages.

We manage this with a separate WordPress installation. The problem is that if we create new products, make changes on the design etc. we have to do everything double for both German versions. Is there a better way to do it? Also i am not sure how we should do it with seo. We have some blog posts on our .ch site wich are getting thousands of clicks from Germany on our Switzerland .ch website versions. But to buy they would need to switch to the .de website. If I copy paste the blog posts aswell on the .de site would that not be duplicate content for google?

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  1. Commenting here because I came to post almost the question. Now hopefully I can piggyback off whatever info you get.


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