Multiple H1 tag issue

My WP theme populates the homepage with the articles which is great, and at the bottom has the pagination for additional articles. The issue is that AHrefs lists the homepage and the pagination content with multiple H1s (which are the titles of the articles that are populated). How to fix this? Any suggestion is much appreciated.

  1. To fix multiple h1 tags issues follow these steps may be that’s help for you.

    1. **Modify Theme Files**: Edit the theme’s template files (such as index.php, archive.php, or home.php) to ensure that only the main title of the page (usually the site title or homepage title) is wrapped in an H1 tag.
    2. **Use Conditional Tags**: Utilize WordPress conditional tags to differentiate between the homepage and pagination content, ensuring that only the main title receives the H1 tag.
    3. **Implement SEO Plugins**: Install and configure SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Rank Math, which offer options to control heading tags and optimize content structure for search engines

  2. If you’re up for getting your hands a little dirty with code, you might be able to tweak your theme’s template files. Look for the PHP files that control the output of your article titles on the homepage and paginated pages. You’ll want to change those H1 tags to something like H2 or H3 for article titles which should be more appropriate.

    It should be a relatively simple task but just be sure to back up your site before diving into this.


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