Multiple php.ini in various locations

My security plugin has been warning me about multiple php.ini files located in various locations (eg. public\_html/wp-admin/css/php.ini). They appear to have been placed there by my previous host, IONOS.

I have moved to a different host and they’ve confirmed I shouldn’t need so many php.ini. So I want to try and delete all those files but the plugin only lets me delete one at a time and then I have to run a scan again (there are 200 files in total).

Now I think I’ve come up with a solution but I haven’t got a lot of experience so I’d like to double check before deleting anything. Am I right to assume I need to locate the only php.ini that is needed, which I think is /public\_html/wp-admin/php.ini, and then manually delete all other php.ini in cPanel file manager? There is also another one in /public\_html/php.ini, and literally in every folder and subfolder of /wp-admin.

  1. Do you have ssh access? That would be an easy way to go about it.

    `find /public_html/*/* -name “php.ini” -type f -delete` should work. Make sure you backup the one in /public_html/ first just in case it deletes that and you have to re-upload it.


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