My client is using Wix and I need to point their domain name to a new wordpress website. Can they continuing using Wix as just a DNS? Seems like a waste of money for them.

My client has a Wix website and it is also where their domain name is registered and it is their DNS. I need to point their domain name to the new wordpress website I created and host. Can I just use their Wix DNS and point to this, or should I suggest to them they they switch to a free DNS like cloudflare to save money? Can you even use Wix just as a DNS or is that not possible?

  1. Yes, you can use Wix just as a DNS but with better and cheaper options (like their own registrar or even Cloudflare) it is best to kick Wix to the curb.

  2. What would be the reason to keep Wix around? The email marketing?

    You can optimize their setup and migrate away, fully.

  3. Just move DNS to CloudFlare. Free and easy. You’ll want your compare what CloudFlare sees to your current DNS records to make sure you’re not missing anything like email records, etc. then update your name servers at your registrar. If Wix is also the registrar, you can move that to CloudFlare, too!


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