my front page in wordpress pages and theme cutomizer are different

the screenshots are not published, so posting the link here:

None of your Google Drive links are publicly accessible. Unfortunately, this means that these screenshots cannot be seen, which makes it more difficult to help you. You are also welcome to provide screenshots here:

However, based on your description, I suspect that the terminology is still a little unclear to you.

“Edit site” means that you can use it to edit the template of the page called up. This allows you to change all pages that use the same template.

“Edit page” means that you can edit the content of the page called up.

If your start page is set as a blog page, it is generated from a template of your theme and you cannot edit it as a page. If you want to change the design, you have to edit the template (i.e. via “Edit site”). Alternatively, you can also change the setting under Settings > Reading and specify a different start page. See:

As you are using the Ona theme, there may of course also be theme-specific settings that would also answer your question. I would recommend you to contact their support forum:

thanks for your reply. That is exactly my issue: I have specified in wordpress reading settings the page in wordpress pages which is the correct one in screeenshot 1. However, i still see my theme front page which is in screenshot 2.

Apologies for the access issues, my links should work now.

In your 1st screenshot you can see the page that you probably want to have as the start page, but not the setting of Settings > Readings. What exactly have you set there?

no, I have this page set up in the settings, please see screenshots below:
reading setting:

Worpress page:

thank you!

James Huff


Volunteer Moderator

You’re using which is block theme, so you don’t set a desired page as your homepage, you customize the homepage template as desired in the Site Editor instead:

And here’s a full video tutorial if you prefer that:

thank you for your reply. As far as I know it is impossible to move without a theme. What theme can I choose so that I can adjust my pages from wordpress pages?

James Huff


Volunteer Moderator

I’m not sure what you mean by “As far as I know it is impossible to move without a theme.”

In a block theme, like yours, you don’t choose a home page. Instead, you customize the theme’s home page as desired in the Site Editor.

Block themes still support pages, of course, but since you can customize any aspect of a block theme’s design, the home page is now customized in the theme with the Site Editor.

In a classic theme, you create a page and select it as your home page.

Classic themes are, as the name implies, not the future or present of WordPress themes and haven’t been for a few years, so there’s no way to get a direct list of them. It would be any theme from that doesn’t have the “full site editing” tag, like which was the last classic theme to be offered by default with WordPress.

thanks a lot for all your replies. My issue is resolved. The problem was the Ona theme. I have changed to Astra theme with Spectra editor which makes life easier. Thanks again for making it clear and i am closing the topic.


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