My website shows content which I dont even have.

so everything began when ive created website with premade templates it was fine but ive decided that i want to make everything myself from scratch. So ive used “ALL in one WP migration” plugin. Ive had saved file at the very beggining of my website where it didnt have anything at all just that plugin installed. SO ive loaded that save file and when i am logged into website with my WP admin acc the website is clear and doesnt have anything like its supposed to but if u use another browser it loads the old content without any colors just plain text and images wtf. You can see the previous website contents. Though ive tried clearing cache on that browser it didnt help either. can someone explain to me what is going on? ITs been like that for like a week rn the website still shows the wiped content. Also yes I have looked up my media librabry in WP and it doesnt have any images at all and it still shows up on other browsers previous images.


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