Need Advice: Optimizing a WooCommerce Site Built with Elementor

Hi, I have a WooCommerce site built using the Elementor page builder and the Hello Elementor theme. We have about 50 active plugins, and I’m currently working on optimizing our site speed. I’m considering whether it would be best to rebuild our site using custom code. I’ve heard that Elementor can significantly slow down a site, and I’m interested in removing it entirely, along with reducing the number of active plugins.

Our site have multiple versions (Spanish, German, and English) and integrates with Polylang and a POS system. We have a large database, nearly 1GB, and about 16,000 products. More than just improving scores on page speed testing tools, I want to genuinely enhance the real load times of our site.

I’m looking to provide high-quality, honest work for my client and, of course, also make good money. What’s the best way to approach this with my client? Should I suggest rebuilding the site with custom code? If so, what are the potential drawbacks of using custom code? Is there a better alternative to Elementor that I should consider? Also, does anyone know of a super-fast theme suitable for a WooCommerce store selling beer and wine? The design needs to remain consistent with the current look. I’d appreciate any advice from WordPress experts. Thanks!


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