Need advice to choose tablet for e-commerce business

I’m a online computer shop manger.
I want a device to answer my customer calls, send messages, chat with customer in WhatsApp and edit some short vedio for my channel/IG page.
But also i need this device to add product or edited product of my WordPress e-commerce website.
Some time need to do all of them in the same time like answer customers calls and editing their order in WordPress.
My budget is around 350$ to 550$

  1. I’m not sure if a tablet is suited for WordPress, at least not the Apple ones. For everything else you’d probably be fine with something like iPad Air M1 or Pro M1. Keep in mind, that both, Air and Pro are overdue for new versions, which may come out in the next 1-2 months.

  2. I’ve used a tablet for work like this while waiting computer my computer to be fixed. They’re terrible for this. Even with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse it’s too awkward to navigate and muktitask. The OS is just made for it.

    Get a cheap laptop or Chromebook.


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