Need Help

Hi, this is my first time ever posting so here goes. I am currently helping a local store to finish up their wordpress page. I’ve been able to do a few tasks they asked for since I have a mild knowledge of design and CSS edition (very basic nonetheless), but there’s a simple yet very frustrating task which is editing the theme! I can’t find any way to do so for the life of me, I’ve been watching videos, consulting other forums and getting any info that might be useful. I didn’t set the page up, another person did, so I can’t find the source of my problem.

I tried Elementor, downloading the demo data again (they bought or installed a theme from UIX), using the average WP editor with absolutely no results since this goes beyond arranging a menu or changing a background color. Am I missing something? I can’t even edit the width of a submenu or make the product selection match with the options each one of them has (i.e click on a red variation in the options and the picture of said product in red version comes up), they sent how the gallery should look like from one the demos the theme has but I can’t install it even less customize anything.

They don’t know much more than me and want very specific specs byt I’m at loss of what to do. Do you people have any reccomendations of where should I look into? or any plugis you think I might be missing? They edit with WP Bakery Page Builder, I installed Elementor as I said with no results, imported demo data over 3 times and used a plugin for multiple themes with no positive outcomes.

I would really appreciate a helping hand. Thank you for reading.

  1. Even with the basic elementor it’s quite easy to edit most things. Maybe the theme is just very restricted. I use the standard hello theme for all my websites.


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