Need help. Every site change requires a cache purge.

I maintain a WordPress site that has constant issues with caching. I’m not a WP guru by any means, but I can get around fine and have plenty of web development experience. Whenever I make any change (major or minor), I have to purge the entire cache (we use NitroPack) or other users aren’t able to see the updated content.

FWIW, I inherited this website, and it’s fairly dated. It’s poorly built and uses a lot of custom code and a lot of plug-ins. My gut tells me this website, which is likely 10+ year creation by Dr. Frankenstein himself, is in drastic need of a rebuild. While a website overhaul isn’t in the cards right now, are there any measures I can take to eliminate these caching problems? Thanks in advance!


  1. That sounds like it might just be a NitroPack issue and not necessarily something related to your site. That’d be the first place I checked.

    I host on a LiteSpeed server which means I have their caching plugin and CDN available to me. It is harder to configure but not too hard – and is much cheaper with realistic CDN prices.

    If that’s something you can do, you might look into it. I’ve had nearly flawless service.

  2. Never used NitroPack, but it sounds like their Cache Warmup feature may be worth tuning. From what I see in their docs one of two things will happen when you save changes to content:

    1. If you’ve turned Cache Warmup off, NitroPack will optimize the content when someone makes an organic visit to the invalidated or purged page.
    2. If you have the feature on, the moment you change the content (invalidate or purge the URL), NitroPack will optimize the URL without anybody visiting it. In a way, the “Cache Warmup” feature acts like a human and visits the URL automatically instead of you or someone else visiting the URL.

    It could be that #2 is on a CRON that’s failing on your server, in which case it might work if you switch to option #1. If #1 is already selected you may as well try switching and see if that works.

    Sometimes it’s a matter of a plugin like this only purging the cache for that page, but not other pages that list it.


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