Need help with my website
“I’ve encountered three problems with my website:

1.Brand name/logo placement and button placement- Ideally, I want my website logo to be in the middle with the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ buttons without any gaps, so they’re not as close to the brand name/logo in the middle.

2. Pop up to a button rather than the whole page – There’s a button in the middle of the website called ‘Get more leads,’ which is linked to a plugin called Popup Maker in WordPress. It pops up a contact form. However, instead of being limited to the button alone, it seems to open wherever I click on the page, thereby limiting the functionality of the ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ buttons in the top right corner.

3. Sign in removal and brand logo placement- On the Contact page, it opens up a page where you can see the Calendly for a meeting booking. There’s a ‘Sign In’ button, which is not needed on this page. Additionally, I can’t seem to change my brand name on the side to the PNG I purchased for the brand logo


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