Need help with speed optimization!

Hi! I’m building a website in WordPress and elementor (yes I know it’s elementor), but I’m having a really hard time understanding the optimalization options to get a good google speed score.

The website in question:

Thing I have already done:

– Moved hostings, to reduce me TTFB and get better speed in general.
– Optimized and resized all images so they are as low in size as possible
– Using memCache
– Installed LiteSpeed cache and tried a lot of different configurations.
– I’m NOT using guest mode or guest performance, since it bricks my CSS for some reason. (has to do with the UCSS in combination with elementor). Using this obviously boosts the score a lot, but I feel like it’s not good practice anyways? could be wrong on this.

My LCP on desktop is kinda high, even though im only rendering one image of 580×580 with a size of 80kb. Score on mobile is generally shit with elementor without using guest mode.

**Can anyone help me/give me tips on improving LCP or troubleshoot in general?** I’m trying to learn al this stuff by myself, but I’m kinda losing my mind.

**Can anyone give some insight in why UCSS setting in litespeed cache plugin bricks my CSS?** Even though this worked fine for other websites I have build.

Any help is appreciated <3

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  1. There’s 46 request for fonts, but I can see you’re only using 4-8 different fonts/weights. I would self host the woff2 files instead of using Google Fonts and load them using the preload attribute (and also keep the website GDPR compliant). This will also display the correct fonts right away, because currently I can see default fonts for a split second before correct fonts load. To improve LCP you can also preload the LCP image.


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