Need suggestion for best database plugin with over 100,000 rows of data

Currently using Tablepress, but my new database table of 51,000+ rows won’t upload, even using a csv file. My table will grow to over 100,000 rows, eventually. Even with only 50,000 rows, the page on my website takes FOREVER to load when someone visits my site and they complain it’s unusable. Any ideas for a solution? Here is the current database on my site: [](

  1. I’ve actually been looking for a similar solution and haven’t found anything. You’re right that it’s slow loading though. Is there anything you can do on the server end though? Are you on a shared server?

  2. Have you considered CPTs with taxonomies and custom fields? I assume Tablepress outputs just a table and doesn’t truly manage the data…

    And how about something like Airtable with an integration via something like Make?


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