Need to delete the gap within the template

need little aid, spend an hour cannot figure out. I created template, and I now have little tiny white gap between header and Content block. There is little tiny “add block” space, which I need to delete. easily possible? thanks

  1. If that’s actually adding space to the saved frontend view, and you think there’s a rogue block in there that needs to be removed, try this:

    1. In the top right hand corner of the Gutenberg editor click the three dots to open the settings menu
    2. Select “Code editor”
    3. You should see the pesky widget in there with something like this before and after it: <!– wp:shortcode –>
    4. Delete/remove it, with the HTML comments before and after it.

  2. First step would be to use inspector on your site to see if it’s paddng / margin from the header or content. Then double check your settings on that block to make sure the margin and padding are 0. Then if you cant solve it, add a class to the offending block and add some margin:0; padding:0; rules to your class in the customizer. That’s how I trouble shoot issues

  3. Thanks all, I fixed it, under Styles, under Layout, under Block spacing, was 1.2, now zero. Issue fixed.


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