Needing A WordPress Automatic Site Kill Switch.

I have a site in which I pay for clicks. Every visitor cost me money. I am needing a way to shut down my site automatically if I get to many visitors. It is very important that it can be done automatically. Does WordPress have a feature that can do this or can someone please suggest a plugin that can?

Thank you very much.

  1. Oof why even have such a site? It is possible to put it into maintenance if there is too much traffic, but this seems like a terrible business model. Why you do this?

  2. This is very common in the business that I am in. Visitors are very valuable and the people who come to the site are funneled there from else where after being approved so almost every click is a guaranteed customer. It is a very low traffic site on purpose. The make reason I need an automatic kill switch is for attacks. If I were to be attacked and visited thousands of times it would be a problem.

    I should have included some of this in my first post. Thank you for allow me to clarify why I am needing this.


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