Needing help to decide whether to use Explorer vs. Creator

Nonprofit here. We mainly use the site for article publishing + as an update of what we are up to. A blog post kind of, similar to []( .

We used to be on Premium plan and I can’t remember specifically but there might have been one time that we wanted to use a plug-in but couldn’t, but other than that we didn’t really find a problem with Premium.

I’m not very familiar with web designing and everything but it seems like the SEO tools with Creator is quite important for advertising. But I’m not sure whether it is worth paying more than double per month just to get one tool.

Question is, out of the Creator features, which of those are generally considered a must-have for nonprofits? If there’s only a few, could I get those from a third party? We’re running on quite a small budget and I don’t really want to pay for something that I know we won’t be using.



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