New To Cloudways and DNS Updates, Not New To WordPress


So I was hosting with Siteground, great company by the way. I moved all my hosting over to Cloudways because they’re way faster and much less expensive.

I am keeping all my domains at Siteground until I figure out where I want to put them, but I’ve pointed most of the sites over to the Cloudways IP and am managing them over there. A few of the sites I’ve only pointed the A record as they’re using Google services and I don’t want to mess up their mail services.

My questions are for anyone familiar with Cloudways, what do your DNS records look like over there? I’ve added Elastic Mail and Rackspace, and it seams to be working correct I am using DNS Made Easy, btw.

Can one of you give me a screenshot example of exactly how I should setup my DNS on Cloudways, or any tips?


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