New to WordPress and feeling swamped by the sheer number of themes and page builders for a small project. Any advice?

Hi there, I am completely new to WordPress and to be honest I have no coding or design expierence but I wanted to create a little project for my weekends. My goal was to built a – a website that compares software, complete with reviews, a robust search feature, a mega menu for categories, and a section for news or blog posts.

After looking for a way to build a website: WordPress came up everywhere – So I bought a domain and webspace by an hosting provider who made it easy for me to install WordPress. After that I was looking for a theme and or a page builder that would work best for me.

I thought I would start with blocksy and elementar, as my tutorial guy recommended that but they only wanted to built a blog page. So I’ve been trying to educate myself about the various options available, both here and on other websites. So far, I’ve learned that using Elementor and Divi could potentially slow down my website, that Astra themes require a page builder, and from there, numerous alternatives are possible, including Beaver, Bricks, Gutenberg, etc.

At this point, I’m completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities and pro and cons. I found a pro theme on astra pro that resembles the website I would like to create but from my understanding I would need to buy astra pro and a page builder with premium aswell. Which is okay I understand that it costs a lot of time to create these tools – But I dont want to make the wrong decision as my budget is not that big.

The page I would like to build would look like this (Germany biggest price comparison website): [Check24](

And the astra pro theme I found that looks like Check24 the most: [Demo](

Has anyone had the same problem as me and might know how to find the right page builder or premium theme for someone completely new to wordpress?

  1. I dont know how to get rid of the giant check24 picture and link, sorry about that…. cant edit my post for some reason.

  2. In WordPress there are themes and page builders. Astra is a theme. Blocksy is a theme. Elementor, Divi and Gutenberg are page builders. You need both to create a website.

    If you want to use a pre built premium template by Astra then you’ll need to buy the Pro version. The pre-built starter templates that Astra offers in Astra Pro theme are categorized based on builder. They have a bunch of templates for Elementor, Divi and Gutenberg. You should try and look for a template that works best for you and then just use the designated builder for it. You might need to buy the premium version of Elementor and Divi to unlock all the widgets for the template.

    You can view and categorize astra’s templates based on builder at the following link:

    Since you don’t know much about any builder I would just pick the template that works best and throw yourself into learning the builder you’ve chosen. Personally, I use Elementor as it’s easy for me to throw together a site with minimal plugins for a client. Others swear by block themes and Gutenberg. It really just depends on your preference and how much you know but I think anything you choose now will be decent. The more you’re in the community the more you’ll learn and adapt.

  3. Look into GeneratePress. It’s a free WordPress theme but get the premium version after you have played around with the free version.

    The premium version gives you access to probably 30 free templates to use that basically helps get your site set with all the basics.


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