Nimble Builder can‘t place things after site created

Hey all, I’m fairly new to WordPress. I’m a graphic designer and don’t know too much about html, css or js. So I wanted something easy.

I live in a voluntary project where we wanna have a website and I started using WordPress, choose a theme and installed Nimble Builder.
Which is totally fine for me, I can just block out the website which is fine with me.
So while I set the website up I‘m not filling it with all the information because this has yet to be decided what exactly goes into the website.

Thing is now, when I wanna edit my page again, I just can’t.
Nimble Builder is there but if I take any block or template it just isn’t possible to place and I can’t edit already placed content.

I looked that up and checked my plugins – I have non except for nimble, I took another browser, which didn’t work, also clearing browser cache didn’t do anything.
I only can edit sites I newly create. Which I can’t do for like every text edit.

Can anyone help me with that problem? 😀

Sorry for long text.
TLDR: my nimble builder can’t edit already created sites – Why? Can someone help me?


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