No real response to my support emails regarding Domain Validation

Can’t Validate my domain and my newsletter is paused. I’ve sent multiple emails to support, nothing other than a very canned response I’m paying for support, I rely on this plugin for outbound marketing. My host has properly set up TXT Demarc in our DNS. Every other DNS setting say validated except TXT demarc. It has showed pending for days. Is this the level of support I can expect from your company? Righ now I’m very disappointed. This worked fine till you paused my newsletter saying we were over our subscriber limit by 3! We’ve now upgraded to 5000, however your validation messages are conflicting. You say:

Your newsletters and post notifications have been paused. Authenticate your sender domain to continue sending.
Major mailbox providers require you to authenticate your sender domain to confirm you sent the emails, and may place unauthenticated emails in the “Spam” folder. Please authenticate your sender domain to ensure your marketing campaigns are compliant and will reach your contacts. Your marketing automations and transactional emails will temporarily be sent from [email protected].

However the Send With setting says this:

MailPoet Sending Service

You’re now sending with MailPoet!

  • Reach the inbox, not the spam box.
  • Easy configuration: enter a key to activate the sending service.
  • Super fast: send up to 50,000 emails per hour.
  • All emails are signed with SPF & DKIM.
  • Automatically remove invalid and bounced addresses (bounce handling) to keep your lists clean.

More to the point, afte multiple support emails, All I’ve received is this:

Aaron Vincent Lee (MailPoet)

Feb 6, 2024, 02:25 UTC Hi there,

Your subscription is approved!

You just need to log in here to find your activation key.

In any case that you have already activated your key previously, but still seeing the message about the pending subscription, please go to the MailPoet’s Settings > Key Activation tab and click on the Verify button again to update the status of the subscription.

If it doesn’t help, please go to the MailPoet > Settings > Send With… tab and change the sending method temporarily to “Other” and then back to the “MailPoet Sending Service”.

Please also go through the following doc: How to be a Good Sender

Please let us know if you need any further assistance! 🙂

We’ve tried all of your suggestions and none of them have worked. How about an assist with a real level of support. Isn’t that included with a paid account??


[email protected]

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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