No table of contents block?

James Huff


Volunteer Moderator

The block is only available while writing or editing posts/pages, it’s not available in the site editor.

Also, plugins and themes can override blocks.

You can install the latest Gutenberg plugins and then the block will be available to you. Just go to wp-admin>plugins and then search for Gutenberg, Install the plugins. Then you can easily access to the Table of Content block.

Hi @evilpharmacist

There is actually a TOC in development, I am not sure when it will come to WordPress Core, but you can already use it by installing the Gutenberg Plugin. The Gutenberg Plugin makes it possible for everyone to test/use features, that will come to WordPress Core eventually, early on.

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys, after installing the Gutenberg plugin, I indeed have the table of contents block. I hope it comes to core soon.


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