one time purchase wordpress plugins?

Hello, I am kinda new to this whole side of the internet/work world. So I apologize if I post wrong or this is the wrong area for this. But I am familiarizing myself with all these new things and have some questions. I am a small business owner looking to make a nice looking website for my business. I just want a portfolio, that showcases about us and describes what we do. some of the plugins I have downloaded like elementor seem really cool, but you need the premium options to really get something nice going. While I do not mind paying for something like that, what I do not like is the reoccurring cost of it. So kind of 2 questions here. If I pay for something like elementor that has a reoccurring fee, if I make a website with the premium stuff, then do not pay a year later, will the website still stand functionally with everything that was done before the subscription ends? and if it does indeed no longer work correctly after the subscription ends, are there any website builders that have 1 off payments, where I can get a product you use that is reliable that has good options, but does not have a reoccurring cost? again sorry for the long message and if it is worded incorrectly. Thank you in advance!

  1. Premium plugins and themes will continue to work after your subscription ends – you just won’t receive support or updates. Getting updates is important, as a lot of software in the WordPress ecosystem contain bugs, which are easily discoverable due to the open source nature of WordPress. In particular, security vulnerabilities.

    Whilst many well known themes and plugins do offer lifetime licenses, most don’t, as that sort of business model isn’t good for the developer. There’s no incentive to keep working on it if you aren’t going to make any more money.

  2. Bricks builder has an owned license, but it’s not cheap:

    Owned (one time payments) are almost a thing of the past, everything is turning to subscriptions now.

    With elementor, once your subscription runs out, you will no longer be able to edit pages or templates that have premium features on them, and you won’t get security updates for the premium features. Eventually, likely within a few months you will be forced to resubscribe to get the latest updates


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