Only 10 reviews being pulled

Hi @uriahs-victor,

Few words about how the plugin’s work.

The plugin uses the Google Places API to get your reviews. The API only returns the 5-10 most helpful reviews. When Google changes these most helpful reviews the plugin will automatically add the new one to your database. Thus slowly building up a database of reviews. It’s a limitation of Google, not specifically the plugin.

The plugin can only download what Google returns in their Places API. It is usually the 5 Most Helpful (not newest) reviews. You can check what the API returns by entering your Place ID and Google API key in this url:

However, if you got new reviews for your Google place, but the plugin does not show these, it means that Google didn’t include it to 5-10 most helpful and the plugin just can’t get this. It’s a limitation of Google, not the plugin.

To understand why your 10 reviews are not updated, please send debug information to our support email.



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