Organization information and connections between data

How we can extend organization information? This plugin seems so complete but I don’t see where we can add information about an Organization (core and org plugin installed). For example, there’s no vatID or legalName not to even mention knows, knowsAbout and knowsLanguage which could be a very good addition for paying users. I am just naming a few, but I think you get the idea.

On the other hand, before deploying your plugin in production, I am a bit concerned about the links between entities. I will take your homepage as an example with , this is how it looks like (

While it’s certainly better than having nothing at all, we are lacking of some important links between entities. It’s ok if they are based on your own decisions, but tell me if we could still manage to deploy it the way I am going to describe.

Right now, we have at least one issue with the current Knowledge Graph: Organization is not linked to something else its website, nor the person is related with the organization. Ideally, what I would look for in this case is something like

  • Organization links to WebSite (as author, publisher or copyrightholder)
  • WebSite links to WebPage (for example. WebPage “isPartOf” referring to WebSite @id)
  • WebPage links to Product/Article (as it’s mainentity or partof depending on the case)

I am skipping a lot of relational links and details, but I think you get the picture. Bottom question: Would this level of accuracy be possible with WPSSO?


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