Outdated plugins cause vulnerability issues but auto-updates will crash the website without auto-backuping but there aren’t any free auto-backup plugins as far as I know. What can I do? I really can’t spend any money

I keep getting emails in my gmail account that I have system vulnerabilities in my website because I have outdated plugins (haven’t updated in a couple days) and I would prefer not to enable automatic updates because I know that at least Elementor and WooCommerce can auto-update and crash the entire website with their major updates, and I am unable to spend any money on auto-backup plugins, I was also unable to find any free auto-backup plugins. However if I don’t update the plugins they really will become a major security issue and I want my website to be secure. What do I do?

  1. Lots of plugins will make backups on a schedule within your hosting account. Then you can use ftp client on a schedule to download everything so you have a copy off-site.

  2. Updraftplus has scheduled backups Use patchstack free to monitor security updates and apply them within a week for medium and critical. Rest of the updates to them from once a month or one quarterly. If you are using wordfence and it is sending you those emails, have it send to you only critical emails.

    Bigger sites don’t update themselves all the time. We have once quarterly for full update. Security updates are applied on tighter schedule.

  3. Other than the automated backup solutions, you also get “smart update” features these days. These are auto-updates, but the update doesn’t go through if it causes the site to break.


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