Password Protect |

Yes this is possible.

How you do it depends on what you mean ‘usewr is generated’.

By default all WP users can change theor own password.

By default all new users have a role, and the lowest role is subsciber and all they can do is adjust theor profile / passord.

By default all user when they login go to teh admin page, but that can be cahnged aby a couple of lines of code ( or possibly plugins will do it – depended on the detail of what you need )

Thanks Alan,

We would create the user using their email address and then automate the password.

I’d need to make sure that the site is only accessible if you have a username and a password – as there will be personal information collected (name DOB etc).. If I can add some code to take the user straight to the home page, that would be preferable.


So if you are OK with some bits of code

This is the basics – I havent tested it though ( and cant provide more )

Thanks Alan – appreciated


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