Paypal Donation via Webhook in WordPress

Good day, everyone. I’m a bit stumped on this subject. I have a bit of experience with PayPal developer apps when it comes to subscriptions but this issue with donations is stumping me.

I would like to receive webhooks when a donation is made. I have created a new app in paypal developer dashboard, assigned it the webhook URL (a web app running on Python Flask) and while I have been able to successfully send and receive mock sandbox webhooks from the developer sandbox dashboard for testing so I know everything is configured to work. I just can’t figure out how to now establish the live environment donations handling.

I have a business and a developer PayPal account. Within my business account (which I assume is the one that does live donation transactions), I have created a donation button. Logic would dictate that within this donation button setup, there should be a select option to specify the app who’s webhooks these donations need to be using. But there is no such thing and PayPal’s developer forum is deserted.

I have successfully done this process via Paypal IPN but the client is demanding me to do it via webhook on which i am stuck at.

The general question is:

How does one set up a donation button to receive webhooks to a certain app? Because I can have multiple donation buttons for various purposes, campaigns and configurations and I don’t need webhooks for all of them.


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