Personalized blog subscription?

Looking for options for our corporate blog which is hosted on WP. We use tags and topics on the blog, and want to offer people the option to subscribe to only those topics they are interested in. 

For example, on the subscribe form we would give a multi-select option of topic A, topic B, topic C, and topic D. 

A user could select multiple topics, say Topic A and Topic C that they were interested in. We then want to send automated monthly newsletter(ish) roundups of the blogs in those topics. The user would receive one email with aggregated blog topics in Topic A and topic C. 

This is proving difficult – our web agency is suggesting the Newsletter plugin, but creating those segments and sending the emails would be manual. Any insight?

  1. Are you using or

    If, this should be possible out-of-the-box. There should be a Newsletter option under settings.

    If, you’ll definitely want to use a Newsletter plugin. I think Mailpoet can do this.

  2. You can use a plugin like MailPoet or integrate with a SaaS email marketing system like MailChimp.

    Each topic can be a segmented list.


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