php limits?

* i apologize if this may be against the rules
* basically, i’ve been learning code and my sister who does websites for living using wordpress asked for my help with a critical error 500, the hired gun she has mentioned something about memory limits though i am not sure he tried to fix it, i haven’t got into it yet to work on it, but i feel that if he got to the point where he thinks its the memory limit, he would have fixed it if permitted to. i am thinking she probably already has the maximum limit available on her provider which is 768mb. does anyone have a recommendation of a provider that has a high php memory limit?

  1. To be able to fix the problem you need to know exactly what the problem is. A 500 error is a server side issue – so check the server logs. Enabling debugging in WP may also yield some more specific info.

    You should never need more than 768mb of memory. Even 512mb is on the high side.

  2. I believe that there is a memory limit in php.ini that could be the culprit if it really is a memory limitation.

  3. Memory limit 500 errors can be a bitch to track down. Error logs can be vague at best, unlike other more defined 500 errors. Occasionally if the site is large enough I’ll push it to 512, but above that I’d be looking deep at what could possibly be using that much. You’d need a damn good reason to need more.

  4. You should run Query Monitor plugin, it will tell you the query’s that are running and will help you isolate some of the issuesz But make sure to turn it off once done, because it does slow down your site.

  5. Download site locally in full with db. Install query monitor locally only. Check in logs what page causes memory issues. You might also find the code it crapped out at in logs which can be helpful, but it’s not always the case ( often code before did a lot of damage and that line of code just pushed it over the edge )

    set up large memory limit and display errors on your local. From query monitor you might be able to see what is a hog. If you cannot see then there’s route of disabling plugin by plugin and seeing if it helped, but it might be the case of each plugin just adding a bit or two plugins in tandem causing issues. Generally make sure you only use plugins you only have to.

    For pros there’s APM that can give you a lot of insight and xdebug, but don’t get to it at this stage as it’s way more complicated.

    From my experience, the issues are often caused by
    Cache not working correctly
    Wrong serialised data in transient, meta or options tables.

    The first one should show once you enable display errors. The second one is the easiest to find by doing db tables sizes check, then drilling which rows have insane values.


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