Plugin Combining my Tags |

So, I am a first time user of the WP All Export plugin, but I am having issues related to transferring the Tags for my Posts. So, some of my posts have more than one tag assigned to them. For instance one tag might be New Brand and another Thinking Ahead, but when I create the export file its formatted like this New Brand|Thinking Ahead. When I first saw this in the CSV file I assumed that the WP All Import plugin would see the ‘ | ‘and realize it needed to separate those two tags upon importing. Unfortunately, that is not what it is doing. It will literally create a single new tag called New Brand|Thinking Ahead, which is not correct. Again, New Brand and Thinking Ahead are both their own unique, individual tags and should not be concatenated into a singular new tag.

So, is there something that I am missing here? Is there a way to make sure that New Brand and Thinking Ahead are exported properly as two individual tags and then imported as two individual tags on the post?

Thank you!


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