Plugin conflicts and (maybe) bugs.


Thanks for the detailed message. We won’t be able to provide many solutions here on this forum, but we will answer your questions to see what could be done later on.

The search results page (the first step of the booking process, after selecting the stay dates as you said) by default makes the rooms main image clickable, so that a modal window is displayed to return the information about the price breakdown for the selected room. Since that page is not controlled by a specific type of Shortcode like many others, it is impossible for us to set up a setting to enable or disable the so called “search-details modal View” that you would like to replace with a simple link to the “room-details” Shortcode.

The only solution available in this case is to override that “View” (page) called “search”, so that you will be able to edit a clone-copy of the original PHP file and simply change the link from the HTML/PHP code. Thanks to the overrides, by installing a future update you won’t lose your changes, because you haven’t actually modified any core files.

Instead, if the issue is mostly related to responsiveness with mobile devices, then adding some custom CSS rules to the apposite file in Vik Booking or to your Theme, could also be a valid solution. From the Configuration page in Vik Booking you can edit the CSS file for customizations that our plugin will always load at last in the source code of your pages.

For the moment the “Operators” are only allowed to access the front-end Tableaux, which mainly serves to get an overview of the reservations (arrivals, departures and stays) of specific room-types assigned to the operator itself. This function is often used to manage housekeeping services, where operators could drop “room-day notes” for any administrator or for any other colleague.

Manual reservations instead should be always recorded from the wp-admin section. Please notice that an “Operator” is not meant to be a “Receptionist” who has access to the various reservations. For this reason, in the wp-admin section of Vik Booking, page “Permissions”, you can grant or deny the permission to manage the reservations to any WordPress User Role. This means that you, as an Administrator, could create a new account for a receptionist or any person in charge of managing reservations, and assign it to a Role that only has access to manage reservations, but maybe has got no permissions for managing the rates or to access financial stats. The wp-admin section of Vik Booking can change depending on the permissions assigned to the logged in WordPress User and its Role.
On top of that, by using the page Calendar in the wp-admin section of Vik Booking, all new reservations will get the source/provenience “Website”, and in the “Booking History” section you will be able to see that the booking was manually created by an administrator, by the exact name of the logged in user.

Regarding the “Operators Login” Shortcode: this should not give you any PHP Fatal Errors, because that’s what the “critical error” mentioned by WordPress is. It would be great if you could temporarily enable the WordPress Debug Mode, so that the full server error message returned by PHP would be displayed or sent via email to the Administrator address. That error message will describe the error with any possible details (error message, path to file and exact line of code). We would appreciate if you could share it with our technical support team so that we can understand what’s the reason behind. Also, this should be tested from an incognito session of your browser as well.

We invite you to get in touch with our technical support team through our website in order to analyse better some of the issues you faced.

Thank you!

The VikWP Team


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