Plugin disables automatically |

We are unable to reproduce this issue and at the moment, you are the only User who reported it, so it might be tricky to isolate what happens specifically on your Site.

Can you please check your “System info” Tab in our Plugin’s back-end Dashboard, and send us a couple of screenshots, such as , what is your current WordPress Version installed, what is the PHP Version on your Server;
Do you have our latest Lite Plugin version installed, etc?
( If you don’t have the latest version, please update and purge cache on Site);

Can you also confirm are you using our Lite or Premium wpDataTables version?

And, do you know did you perhaps recently upgrade your version of WordPress/ or changed the PHP Version on the Hosting Server, any major changes like that;
Or perhaps if you updated any other Plugin when this started happening?

It might be caused by some kind of a strange conflict between wpDataTables and another Plugin on your Site.
You could also try this.
The safest way is to make a separate, Staging version of the Site, and then try this :
Change your current Theme, and disable all other Plugins, just leave wpDataTables active, then wait for two/three days and check if it disables.
If it does not, that indicates it might be another Plugin which is doing this/causing a conflict on Site that somehow disables our Plugin.

If that is the case, here is how we usually look for conflicts :

Start activating other plugins one by one, and after each activation refresh the page and wait for the same period of Time, to see if the issue occurred.
Once it does reoccur, you will have found the plugin causing the issue.
( I realise that might be tricky, since you would need to wait a certain time after each attempt/ but that is the only way to test for conflicts and be certain)

Let us know how it goes, if you can confirm those System Info details, and if you recall if some major change/or Plugin update happened on your Site when this issue started;
and if you can please do some tests, to try and isolate it on Staging.

Thank you.


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