Plugin Recommendation: Multi-Domain / Multi-Store Woocommerce installation

My client has a request and I’m unsure if there are any off the shelf products that will do what she wants. She is most familiar with the WordPress ecosystem and so is trying to find something built on top of WordPress/Woocommerce.

Essentially the problem description is this: She has a business that creates custom printed items. She has been approached by several companies wanting to know if she would be able to / would be interested in fulfilling their orders (Think influencers who “sell” branded hoodies – They want her to print and ship these hoodies under their brand name). The problem arises in that the stores should all be separate branding-wise, but she needs the people on her team to be able to easily fulfill the orders that are coming in from these multiple stores.

I’ve looked at a couple of multi-vendor plugins for Woocommerce, but it doesn’t really seem like they fit the bill – They’re designed for vendors to sell their own products on the marketplace (like eBay or Amazon) but not for the use case I’m describing.

The trick is that all of the clients are going to have the same products but with their own branding. So not only will the items in the catalog be branded, but the theme itself will be branded, the emails will be branded, etc… But setting up individual Woocommerce installations for each client sounds like a management nightmare, not just in the initial setup, but also in the ongoing order management sense, since her team will need to be shipping orders from many different stores. And if she adds a new product type, it will need to be added to each store, as well.

I feel like something like this must already exist somewhere, but my googling is coming up short. Any advice would be appreciated.

**Edit** is an example of this.

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  1. “*Separate branding-wise”* – do you mean each store should be its own domain name, subdomain, or same domain but with a different visual style/logo?


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