Possible to use WP for this kind of site ?

Hi WP experts,

I’ve been considering migrating to WP for quite some time now and I need some help in thinking through my potential site setup and domain design, as I’m not convinced WP can handle my sites requirements. I’m no WP expert. I’m aware it’s plugin based and theme based and that’s about it.

Background of site/project:
I currently run a site that is just straight PHP/MySQL, HTML and CSS. Two dozen or so custom tables with several million rows of data.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s a pain to update content or introduce new content. If I wanted to write a blog, I basically I have to hand code the page layout, content etc, modify the site menus and site maps all by hand and more. It’s a pain and it’s preventing me from introducing new content because it doesn’t really scale.

Furthermore, I sell digital items (via Stripe) and also support showing enhanced content to logged in users via a user registration and login. All of this is hand coded and maintained, no CMS.

Now here’s the part I’m really struggling with:
My site is very data heavy as I said above and has over 1M unique URLs alone. Each page/view shows data relevant to the pages unique URL (which is basically like a serial number).

Users can search from the homepage (similar to Google) and assuming I have that “code”, it redirects them to the unique URL of that code. I use some Apache .htaccess rewrite rules in order to keep the URLs pretty.

Furthermore, I have two other site features that are data heavy (e.g. data charts, summary listings, analytics etc). Each of these also have their own unique sub URLs.

All of this is custom PHP and MySQL on the backend and I have to keep the URLs available and consistent as they are used by many, indexed by Google, etc.

My questions:
A) Can this even be handled in WP while maintaining all my custom URLs and database for SEO?

B) As an idea, is it possible to run the core of my site on WP – e.g. homepage, content pages, contact page, registration/login, user management, payment pages, etc BUT host certain paths (the data heavy custom views) as straight up HTML/PHP pages (as they are today) OUTSIDE of WP while still maintaining the site maps? e.g. example.com/serial/xyz123/ <—- the /serial/XXX/ path is NOT hosted on WP.

C) Is there something else I should be considering other than WP?

Perhaps WP is just a bad idea for this kind of site ? Before I embark down this journey and spend money on WP experts to help me, I want to clearly understand what I’m getting myself into and if it’s even possible.

Thanks for any tips and advice.

  1. Make a sub domain with WordPress CMS for content creation. Have a wordpress developer recreate your headers and footers from your other site so it is a seamless transition for users.

    If you ever have indexing problems check out https://indexmypage.com. It Instantly indexes any pages that might be stubbornly un indexed.

  2. It’s possible to use WP for any kind of site. That doesn’t mean it is the best fit.

    It sounds like the data architecture would work in WordPress, but you need to be a decent coder to make it work seamlessly and be efficient too.

  3. I would suggest to leave the website as it as and create a blog section using subdomain with WordPress.


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