Prepurchase question about seo page

Hello, I’m looking for seo friendly plugin and before purchasing, i’d like to ask few questions to see if it fits my needs. For kid’s toy shop, there are attributes such as brand, age, gender.

  1. About index/noindex: For category puzzles, I’d like to create automatically puzzles for 2+ (category+age filter), this should be set to index. If filter is category+age filter twice, for example puzzles for 2+ and 3+, then I should be able to set noindex. I can do it with hooks if possible too, I’m using rankmath.
  2. I’d like to show indivitual category name and description on front end, visible for user for seo reasons. is it possible? I can’t generate with other plugin with rankmath, because it’s dynamic content. worst case, it could be a hook and echo with a snippet based on filter used and uri
  3. For category rules, are there wildcard? Other plugin if I set category title for url /shop/kids/age-1/ to “Puzzles 1+” and afterwards if I set category title “Animal Puzzles 1+” for url /shop/kids/age-1/animals/, it will show only first choice “Puzzles 1+” and I can’t change hierarchy without readding all.


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