Prescription Lenses and WooCommerce

Hello all!

I’ve been working on a glasses store using the Woocommerce Plugin. It basically works the same as any other e-commerce site, with the exception that we also sell prescription glasses, which have different prizes linked to the different lenses types (cylindrical, spherical and so forth). Since there are many variations, the Simple Product Options plugin would be a pain to configure, plus it’s not like the prices between said variations change proportionally.

For example, if Jonh Doe has Spherical Lenses from -5.00 up to +5.00 and Cylindrical Lenses from 0 down to -4.00 with an Axis of 45, the price would be different from someone who has Spherical Lenses from -6.00 up to +4.00 and Cylindric Lenses of 0 down to -4.00. There’s an overlap there with the prices, so that’s what causing me not managing to use the Simple Product Options Plugin.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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