Probably a REALLY dumb question about templates

Hi, This is probably a really dumb question, but i couldn’t find an answer through the []( forums. Hoping someone else can help me here.

My issue is the following:

I have created a blog post template for posts on my website where i am archiving family photos. I am able to edit the title and paragraph that were included in the original template as i moved them around instead of deleting them. I am using ‘Template Preview’ function otherwise the image blocks don’t show up.

However, I am UNABLE to edit which photos are contained in the photo blocks, the before and after image blocks or the information dropdowns which i added in addition to what was already on the template beforehand. It comes up with a ‘edit your template to edit this block’ notification. I dont want to change the position of anything, only the text or image contained within the block. I dont want to edit the template for every post as every post will have different images and will not have the same description in the information dropdowns.

Is there any way to be able to do what i am describing? at least without any plugins because i really dont want to pay £20 a month to enable plugins for something that is suppoed to just be a nice way for my family to access high resolution scans of old family photos.

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  1. You can’t use templates for that.

    Put all the content (including the before and after images) in each post and then use a query loop block in the template to display the posts. The query loop block needs to have a Content block to display the full content of each post.


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