Problems with FacetWP and Elementor plugins

I am using the FacetWP plugin for WordPress and the Elementor plugin.Currently I am using Elementor to build the interface and FacetWP to filter the acf field of posts in one of my post types.My current Bug is that when I use FacetWP in Elementor’s Archive template to filter my Loop Grid component in Elementor, I turn on the FacetWP switch on the Loop Grid as the data source for filtering, and although it is working properly on FacetWP, such as when I go through the category’s how far button to filter, it was able to display how many articles matched the value, but the Loop Grid did not correctly change and display as the result of being filtered.I’ve done some testing, both with new interfaces and with other Elementor components, and my current buggy combination is using Elementor’s Archive template plus the Loop Grid component. But if I use a Page and use the same layout on the Page (copied directly from the Archive template), the Loop Grid updates correctly. I tried again, using the Archive template, but using the Archive Posts component, and it also displays the filtered results correctly.It’s not clear to me now where the problem might be.


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