Properly Size Images for Mobile – PageSpeed Insights

I have developed multiple small websites and am fairly experienced with WordPress. This site is hosted on Nixihost, generates WEBPs with Convertor For Media, uses Litespeed Cache and Cloudflare CDN/DNS. Today I decided to tackle some of the smaller PageSpeed Insights feedback in the hopes of speeding up this ecommerce store.

I’ve done alright– getting a 100 on Desktop for Performance, but an 81 on mobile. It’s killing me. I know it doesn’t matter *that much.* 2.3FCP and 3.4LCP on mobile. 0.6FCP and 0.7LCP on desktop.

The obvious thing to do is fix the ‘properly size images’ feedback. Will it make a huge difference if I eliminate the 115KiB it suggests I can? Probably not. Do I still want to do it at this point? Absolutely.

Other things like ‘eliminate render blocking resources’ and ‘reduce initial server response time’ don’t seem easily fixable. This does.

How do I get WordPress to use a correctly sized image on mobile devices?
I don’t want to pay for a plugin.



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