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I have recently got the task of making someone I know a website, it’s at extremely low cost so the less spent the better. I have my own server etc and have good wordpress experience, but not with this sort of build.

Basically the person is a pensioner who wants a website to try bring in some extra passive income for him, so any advice is wanted.

I am trying to find a plugin/combination of plugins that will allow what he wants.

Website brief:
Site needs a rental system with paid membership and a shop for non members

The site will have a shop where customers can buy dvds and box sets.
You can sign up for a monthly cost and this will get you half price on all purchases. If you’re signed up, you will also get 2 dvds on lone without extra charges, then when you return those 2 you can get 2 new ones. When customer is done with the website they can send back or buy, and then get 2 new ones.

I’ve not done much with subscription bassed systems yet, but my main thing I need a hand with is how the two systems would intergrate, for buying etc standard WooCommerce does the job, but it’s the being able to subscribe and gain the permissions from this to them use a different free rental engine to book the 2 dvds at a time, and also get the 50% off purchases.

Again if anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated.


I feel like I may be able to make it work if there is a subscription plugin, that basically just promotes the user to a different role while their subscription is active, then if they cancel it will demote them, then I can use a user co trol plugin to restrict access to pages for non subscribed users maybe?

  1. I’d recommend to take a look at the Memberpress plugin, it might be something you are looking for and could help you set the paid membership up

  2. >I have recently got the task of making someone I know a website, it’s at extremely low cost so the less spent the better.

    Doing work for someone as a favor usually ends badly. I’m curious to know how you managed to agree on the cost of the site without researching and knowing the work that will go into it.

  3. Custom ecommerce site with recurring subscriptions and the necessity to manage and track physical stock, bruh.

    You could probably use [this](https://woocommerce.com/products/rental-products/) as a base and customise it for what you need. There’s also [this](https://wordpress.org/plugins/booking-and-rental-manager-for-woocommerce/) which doesn’t have many reviews, but it’s what I found from 20 seconds of googling.

    You could also use an inventory/finance software like sage and then connect it with woocommerce.

    For offering discounts you could use a ghetto coupon plugin that auto applies the created coupons to the account(s) based on values you determine.

    Maybe take a look at what shopify can offer instead.

    I personally would charge 7.5k+ and a few months turnaround for a project like this, and honestly I’m not even sure I would take this kind of project without thoroughly researching for a few weeks beforehand, and just thinking about it again to create something successful, 7.5k might even be low.. This isn’t even taking into account all of the other variables for building and marketing a site like this.. Product inventory, management, tracking and payment integrations (Stripe, Paypal, Cash(?)), subscriptions, fee’s and subscription tracking all linked with your products, initial offerings, security, custom accounts, shipping and lost inventory, custom pages for marketing newer DVD releases, preparing for eventualities such as unreturned dvds, missed payments, and the basics, customer service contacts, major SEO analysis, filler pages (about, offers, faqs, etc) I suppose I need to ask is he just doing it for friends and family or does he want to scale to a larger audience, possibly lending DVDs to the entire local county. This is a **big** ass project you’ve taken on for an extremely low cost, good luck dude!

  4. It would be easier to setup an amazon affiliate website that does the same thing by importing into a WP site as a product.


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