Question about editing a product’s ‘published on’ date. Need help please!

I made a copy of an older product to try something out with variations without screwing up the original product (it took well over an hour because there was 149 variations). Since it worked out, I used the copy in place of the original product. The problem is now this product is showing up in my New Arrivals tab on my home page. But it’s not a new product and I don’t want it to be construed as such. I edited the ‘Published on’ date to match the original product’s date yet it’s still showing up in New Arrivals. Is there anyway way to fix this?

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  1. If the product is still showing up in the ‘New Arrivals’ tab after changing the date, it’s possible that the query of the ‘New Arrivals’ isn’t based on the actual date. Are you using a specific theme where the tab is automatically included. Or did you create the ‘New Arrivals’ tab yourself?


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