Question about modules with recent LearnDash updates


I’m testing recent LD updates (4.10.3 -> 4.12.1 – I tend to hold off on LD updates for several weeks to wait out any bugginess…). After the updates I found that the LD courses were no longer progressing properly – Lessons with Topics started looping back to the same lesson after being marked complete. (The Lessons with Topics with a Quiz seemed to progress normally.)

I am using the Toolkit modules Topics Autocomplete Lessons and Quiz Completion Advances to Next Step.

I then disabled the above modules and retested several times and the courses seemed to progress properly again.

I’ve searched but can’t seem to find anything specific on this issue so far.

My question: Can you confirm that these modules are no longer needed for LearnDash to progress properly with recent LD updates? (I want to make sure I’m not missing something since I couldn’t find anything online about this.)

Thank you!


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