Question about the word ‘category’ in URL’s

I’m not a web developer and I have little experience in this field, but I have some knowledge about working in the back-end.

I hired a web developer to create my website, and after they were finished I started noticing some duplicate links in my sitemap that were very similar to each other.

I understand that the posts/category section exists in the back-end for products and posts, but I’m wondering if there is a way to exclude it from creating duplicate URL paths that lead to the same webpage. For example, I have a .**com/category/blog** and a .**com/blog** that redirect to the same webpage. I would prefer if the URL path didn’t have the word ‘category’ included. I also have some webpages with the path **com/product-category/bundle/** that lead to a webpage that cannot be found while browsing the website. I found these webpages in my old XML sitemap. I suspect this may be causing issues with my SEO that I’m currently experiencing with pages not being indexed

Is there any way to correct this issue? I want the categories to remain in the back-end so the products or posts I submit go to their respective pages, but I don’t want that to translate to links being created with the word ‘category’ in them so that’s there’s no conflict with Googles search and SEO.


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