Question regarding LifterLMS, Bedrock, WP-Tonic and Hosting Provider recommendation.

WP-Tonic says LifterLMS infinity subscription is included in all of their plans. But the problem is, I can’t find much user reviews for this managed WordPress hosting provider. So, I’m looking for some of that from real WP-Tonic Customers.
Also, is there any other such provider that gives LifterLMS (or any other good LMS) for free/low-cost?

Another thing I’m looking for is, which hosting provider would be ideal for Bedrock? I’m inclined for WordPress instead of regular deployment – because I assume, it helps with continuous change delivery much easier and reproducible – is it really the case in practice?

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  1. For LMS moodle is good option, and more about lifterLMS its just a wp plugin any managed wordpress hosting company can offer it, so you dont have to be restricted to one provider if you are unsure.


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