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Hi CodePeople,

I have a calculated field (fieldname2) that either shows a number with % or a number with €:

IF(fieldname1==1,FORMAT(fieldname18, {prefix:””, suffix:”%”, groupingsymbol:”.”, decimalsymbol:”,”, currency:false}),
FORMAT(fieldname18, {prefix:””, suffix:” €”, groupingsymbol:”.”, decimalsymbol:”,”, currency:true}))

Works fine. Now when I add another calculated field, it is possible to “read” if its % or €? I tried the following things but it doesn’t show anything:

IF(INCLUDES(fieldname2, “€”), fieldname2,fieldname3)

function die(fieldname2) {
if (fieldname2.includes(“€”)) {
return fieldname2;
} else {
return fieldname3;

“Contains” instead of “includes” also doesn’t work … Any suggestions?


PS. I know I could simply repeat the if statement in the calculated field 2 but when its a more complex furmala, the reading would be just more simple 🙂


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